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    Build to Suit

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    Advisory Services and Agency, Strategic Real Estate,  Building Surveying & Project Management

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    Dartford, UK

Trilogie’s client TNT Express have recently gone live with the UK link of their European Road Network upgrade.

The building is the first major transaction at a development branded as Capacity Dartford. Capacity Dartford is circa 1 mile from the Dartford M25 junction and so ideal for the specific operation.

Three development sites were shortlisted for a new Cross Dock facility of 132,000 sq ft on 15 acres, Capacity Dartford was selected and a full Agreement to Lease detailing TNT Express’s requirement was signed, conditional upon detailed planning consent being delivered that suited TNT’s operations.

Trilogie managed a bid process for a leasehold deal. The tender was prepared based on detailed and explicit criteria for the specification and lease structure, with structured value engineering of the design and specification undertaken collaboratively with the shortlisted developers, to bring down the construction cost and allow the rent to be priced more keenly.

The lease was structured with the same intentions; to minimise rent by maximising the investment value.